May you live in interesting times – End of the Day for September 5, 2014

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Most of us are looking for a little excitement in our lives, but sometimes you should be careful what you ask for. As often happens, opportunities come out of the blu when you least expect it and often from directions you would never expect. This about sums up my weekend. First, I was called in to serve up some tasty cask ale microbrews from our local (I mean, an easy walk away) neighborhood brewery of for Joe’s school’s Casino Night. Since the brewery was kind enough to donate the brew, I wanted to make sure that it was served properly and I had a chance to talk it up to everyone I served. Now, I am not a bartender, nor a brewmaster and can count on 1 hand the number of times I have actually used a keg of beer, but I am an eager study and will use any excuse to geek out on something –so why not? Right? I’ll get a lesson on how to best serve this beer and set up the keg, tap, CO2, etc tomorrow and then I am on my own. A new adventure!

This afternoon a new opportunity arose — one that I have never engaged in before, either. I was asked to act in a student film for one of Joe’s classmates, While I have acted on stage, film acting is a complete unknown to me. I have watched and been involved in productions, of course, but actually getting in front of the camera makes me a bit nervous. I agreed to do it, though, as the student producing and directing the film is really nice and I was flattered she thought of me for her film. Now I just have to try and live up to her expectations. I’ll do my best. I’ve been trying to commit lines to memory all night. Wish me luck!

It is amazing how the world can swing about sometimes. You never know what opportunity is going to knock on your door. Sometimes you just have to answer it.

So, may we all live in interesting times. I certainly am! 


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