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Video: What Douglas Dug…Show 009 – March 11, 2013 – Photoshopped flowers, carrots, rosemary topiaries and more!

Our ninth episode of What Douglas Dug…, our regular review show of neat gardening items I have found in my Internet travels. In this episode, A Cheap cold frame, garden sculpture and more! Can’t see the video above? Watch “What Douglas Dug… Show 009” on YouTube  Watch all the past episodes on the “What Douglas Dug…” YouTube playlist […]

Idea: Use topsoil bag as your “first year” garden

I came across this idea on Pinterest and, I must say, as a lazy gardener, this could be an excellent way to turn parts of your lawn into garden with very little effort. Place the bags on the area of lawn you want to kill, slice them open and plant away. I would probably also […]

My favorite shared gardening items for April 2012

Here are my favorite shared gardening items for April 2012. How many plants per container? Leaf Magazine Spring 2012 Seed starters out of paper pulp Straw Bale Raised bed Skippy’s Vegetable Garden: tomato cages Stone Feet The Obsessive Gardener: Green and Cheap Plant Starters Love Apple Farms: How We Plant a Tomato New Altadena farmers […]

I Like This – Wooden Spoon Garden Markers

Found on Pinterest today…. Source: littlegreenfingers.typepad.com via Barbara on Pinterest     Read more on this topic: Event: Santa Barbara Native Plant Tour this Weekend Project: Steel pipe garden edging Re-use: Futon frame as garden gate Another beautiful use of bottle edging in the garden. Recycle: Detergent Bottle Watering Can

Shared Gardening Items for March 2012

Here are my I Like This Shared Gardening Items for March 2012. Please let me know in the comments if you find any of the particularly useful. I’ll keep my eye open for similar items — Douglas Root Simple: Peat-free Planting Mix Recipe With Coconut Coir Reuse for bottles – I have done this one […]

I LIke This in Gardening for January 21, 2012

Interesting gardening items I found in the last 2 weeks… Pallet trellis…perfect for squash http://t.co/SpJepbsN What I’m Reading…Fermentation is your friend http://t.co/v6ZHNUNN Compost fence http://t.co/4C56YQlr Wine Crate Gardening http://t.co/R5ng4atX DIY shade finder tool takes the tedium out of solar surveys http://t.co/84ljJU4O HOW TO PROPAGATE LAVENDER FROM CUTTINGS – Works with rosemary also http://t.co/K1ecCR7F 100 books about the world around us: […]

I Like This – Wine Crate Gardening

This ended up being a very, very popular “pin” on Pinterest.com. You can find my “pins” on my personal Pinterest Page. The link will take you to the original source of the photos and ideas at the Fennel and Fern blog from the UK. This idea has made me start looking at every cool container […]

Elsewhere: DIY shade finder tool takes the tedium out of solar surveys

Nothing like applying a little science and technical ingenuity to make an onerus task easier and faster. I could see this being very useful to a gardener who is trying to site a new plot, tree or home plantings. I have toyed around with using video or time-lapse to accomplish this task, but this is […]

Elsewhere: Books: 100 books about the world around us: Nature, science, math, and applied crafts.

Lots of great ideas here for reading online, from  your library or buying. I am adding a lot of these books to my To Read list at GoodReads.com, too. 100 books about the world around us: Nature, science, math, and applied crafts. Sometimes a book is the best way to visit a place, idea, or […]

I Like This – October 9, 2011

A collection of gardening items I found interesting this week. Seeing Trees – Book Review – October 7, 2011 – This sounds like a good book to curl up with on a cold Winter’s night. I have added it to my Goodreads.com To Read list. Available on Amazon from the WelchWrite Bookstore. Pin and Paper: […]