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How to Transform a Slope Into a Terraced Garden via Urban Gardens

How to Transform a Slope Into a Terraced Garden – Urban Gardens The small backyard plot of my former property first appeared as nothing more than a patch of ground leading up to a steep slope, a little hill that seemed impossible to landscape. I addressed the challenge by creating a terrace garden—a series of […]

My upright strawberry and herb pallets turned out fantastic! via OfficeDragon1980 on Reddit

My upright strawberry and herb pallets turned out fantastic! Read more on this topic: Strawberry from the container garden. Yum! #food #strawberry #garden #gardenersnotebook #plants #nature via Instagram [Photo] Strawberry from the container garden. Yum! #food #strawberry #garden #gardenersnotebook #plants #nature via Instagram [Photo] In The Garden…New strawberry pots DIY: PVC Pipe Strawberry Planter Tasty […]

Hugelkultur bed starts in the woodland garden via TikTok [Video]

@douglaswelchHugelkultur bed starts the woodland garden ##hugelkultur ##garden ##gardening ##nature ##compost ##composting ##outdoors ##grow ##growing ##project ♬ Arabesque – Debussy – Michael Charles Clark ” width=”270″ height=”480″ border=”0″ /> Read more about gardening with these books * A portion of each sale from Amazon.com directly supports our blogs ** Many of these books may be […]

How I Built my Dream Greenhouse via Arrows & Twine

To say I’ve been dreaming about this greenhouse is an understatement. Ever since we purchased our first home and I got a little taste of gardening I was hooked. It’s funny how my Mom and Nana were so into gardening and as a kid I couldn’t get far enough from a greenhouse or doing yard […]

Modern DIY Trellis Designs via Centsational Style

My DIY project for the weekend is to build a planter box with trellis to support a climbing vine, and I think I’ll stain it black. Last year I built some vegetable trellises and before that a criss cross wall trellis. I still have them both and they still function and look amazing! April is the perfect time […]

A Spider Web Garden Seat via Homegrown Evolution

I spotted this 1920s gem on Archive.org in a promotional pamphlet, Beautifying the home grounds by the Southern Pine Association. This is the same source I used to come up with a new design for our entrance arbor and will blog about that when I put the finishing touches on it. Read A Spider Web Garden Seat […]

Germany: In Berlin a cemetery becomes a park and community garden via City Farmer

Cemeteries are observed in urban ecology studies for their biological qualities. The type of space, which includes the function of burial within a defined perimeter, has in fact over the years ensured the preservation of “natural islands” within the city: green areas, often informally used as parks, populated by animals, insects, trees and wild vegetation. […]

r/gardening – Hugelkultur in progress via reddit

I have been thinking of trying out something like this and these photos give me even more desire to do it. — Douglas   Read Hugelkultur in progress – first attempt. I’m sure mistakes were made, but I had fun building my HILL 🙂 I used up all of the rotten logs from the firewood […]

DIY Two-Bin Composter via Grit

All serious gardeners acknowledge the undeniable benefits of compost, and most maintain their own compost-bin system. If you want to join their ranks, you’ll need a system that can handle a large volume of material and allow easy access to finished compost. Serious gardeners tend to have lots of material from plant clippings and weeds, […]

Your First Garden: How to Start a Garden for Practically Free via Gardenista

With a small budget, can you still start a garden? When my husband and I moved into our new home, we had a pretty good idea of how much money we would have to spend to furnish it, to give it a coat of fresh paint, to remodel the kitchen. We knew those costs all […]