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An Amazing Indoor Garden Space

I can’t find a primary source for this photo, but it is an amazing example of an indoor garden space. h/t Emila Solis on Pinterest Find more books on Bookshop.com Read more on this topic: Amazing Spiral Stairway With Indoor Garden Decoration via Pinterest 10 Ways to Create a Secret Garden via Houzz 10 Plants […]

Flowering Now: Calandrinia(?) via Instagram – April 16, 2019

What is your favorite flower color? Leave a comment and share! Flowering Now: Calandrinia(?) Spotted in a neighbor’s garden. I am not quite sure of the ID as there have been many new Mediterranean plants in the recently planted drought-tolerant gardens.  These “shouts” of color certainly catch the eye as you are walking by…or even driving.  […]

Garden Decor: Antique Doorknob Flower and Herb Drying Display

I love these antique doorknobs and doorplates repurposed in this way. I think you could use it in any number of ways depending on how sturdily you mounted it to the wall.   This photo has become disassociated from its original source, though. If you have any idea where it came from, let me know. […]

My Most Popular Garden Pin – November 30, 2016

Here is my most popular garden Pin on Pinterest today Read more on this topic: My Favorite Garden Things for November 2012 In The Garden…November 5, 2016: Finishing the Bulbs [Video] (3:12) In The Garden…November 14, 2016: Planting Brunfelsia [Video] (2:53) My Favorite Garden Things for April 2013 – Douglas E. Welch Recent Pinterest Pins […]

Interesting Plant: Begonia Rex (Painted-leaf begonia)

Begonia Rex (Painted-leaf begonia) Begonia Rex has an amazing variety of colors, shapes, variegation and more. I am always looking for shade plants and begonia are always a great source of lovely color and variety for those places that simply don’t have enough sun for more showy, flowering plants. This Begonia Rex Google Image Search […]

Interesting Plant: Tiarella ‘Pink Skyrocket’

Tiarella ‘Pink Skyrocket’ Another Pinterest find from Kelhm’s Song Sparrow Farm and Nursery. There are a wide variety of Tiarella’s available from a variety of vendors, it seems. What are your thoughts on this Interesting Plant? Drop a note in the comments! Discovered via Pinterest Tiarella trifoliata, commonly called threeleaf foamflower,[1] laceflower,[2] or sugar-scoop,[2] is a dicot in the family Saxifragaceae. It is native […]

Garden Decor: Gabion Walls

Gabion Walls Gabion walls are an interesting style that can be adapted in many different ways. They are basically wire baskets filled with whatever stone you wish. They can be basic and functional or quite decorative, as well as large, small and everything in-between. Discovered via Pinterest User Linda Hedderig   More information on gabion walls […]

Interesting Plant: Crassula plegmatoides

Crassula plegmatoides Crassula is an amazingly diverse genus and this Crassula plegmatoides is especially cook looking. This plant seems to be synonymous with Crassula arta, if my research is accurate, and more information can be found under that name. The Pinterest link was originally linked with the “arta” name.  Discovered via Pinterest User Willemijn Derks Crassula is a large genus of succulent plants containing […]

Garden Decor: Stump and Plank Garden Bench

I discovered this stump and plank garden bench idea on Pinterest from HomeEsthetics.net and it linked over to the complete article, 27 Extremely Useful and Creative DIY Furniture Projects That Will Discreetly Transform Your Decor. There are a bunch of good ideas in that article, but this one caught my eye. I wonder if sitting on […]

Garden Decor: Copper Pipe Tiki Torches DIY

Copper Pipe Tiki Torches DIY I’ve never been a big fan of the bamboo style tiki torches. They seem to cumbersome and even, in some cases, catch fire themselves, if the wind is blowing too hard in the wrong direction. These copper pipe torches are much more my style. I think they look quite elegant […]