Career Opportunities Course of Suggested Study: Creativity and Innovation

A self-directed education is a wonderful and productive thing. Sometimes, though, it can be difficult to know where to aim your educational focus. To offer a bit of help with this, I have put together some resources around a particular topic to get you started. In this first “Career Opportunities Course of Suggested Study” I am focusing on creativity and innovation, two very important topics for any careerist.

Career Opportunities Course of Suggested Study

Creativity and Innovation

We all have in us the ability and the necessity to create. Whether we are working on the next great technology or the next great recipe, creativity allows us to combine old knowledge with our own experience and create something new and wonderful. In order to “build the career you deserve” you need to explore this creativity at every opportunity and in every way. Deny your creativity and you will lose it. Honor your creativity and it will honor you back with great ideas, innovation solutions and idea that no one has thought before.

Questions to Consider

  • Why do we create?
  • How do we create?
  • Is every job a creative job? Why? Why not?
  • Can creativity lead to a better life and career? How?
  • Is creativity the gift of a precious few or is everyone creative?
  • Can you set aside “creative time” in your calendar?
  • What would you create, if you took the time and energy to do it?


Dive in and dive deep. Many of these sources will lead to other, great, information on creativity. Follow the links where you will. Each book’s bibliography will suggest a host of other books and articles to read and review. Don’t be afraid to follow these paths wherever they lead. This is a large part of a self-direct education.

*Many of these books are available at your local public library. Save yourself some money and look there first.

Share your thoughts!

What did you learn from this Suggest Course of Study? Do you have questions or comments? Would you like to discuss this with your fellow Career Opportunities readers and listeners?

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