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Friday, March 06, 2009

Elsewhere Online: 10 Perennials Easily Grown from Seed

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I am looking carefully at this article from Fine Gardening magazine. I have some difficult spots in my garden and lots of shade due to all the mature trees. I also prefer perennials over annuals, as I am not an every day gardener like some.

Do you have plant tips for dry shade? I am still looking for something to fill in my back woodland garden area. Even a ground cover would be nice. Leave your suggestions in the comments.

10 Perennials Easily Grown from Seed
Because this bunch is simple to start, you'll save money and get more plants

Home gardeners often assume that starting perennials from seed is more difficult than sowing annual flowers or vegetables, when, in fact, it is as easy to start a primrose as it was to germinate that bean in a cup back in grade school. Considering the many benefits of starting perennials from seed, it seems foolish not to do it. Seed is economical, and in short order, you can produce flats of plants that would cost hundreds of dollars to purchase retail, which is great if you have a large or new garden or are on a tight budget. Many plants must be grown from seed because they are otherwise unobtainable or difficult to propagate any other way, and seedlings often establish better than large plants. I am more willing to experiment and less apt to rue plant losses when I know I have an inexpensive, ready source available. Abundant supply also means there are plants to spare and to share.

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