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Monday, January 26, 2009

In the garden - January 2009

My gardening life has been a bit slow of late, but I took a few minutes to wander around and see what was happening.

This first picture shows some of the azaleas in the front garden beginning to bloom. Over the next month or so waves of pink will move through the geometrically planted beds. Once the bloom is complete, it will be time to trim everything back.

The roses are also starting to show some new growth. I have decided not to do a hard pruning of the roses this year as they had a pretty tough year in 2008. I will try and focus on watering a feeding a bit more this year, as it looks as if we will have a La Nina Winter this year. This means significantly less moisture this year and perhaps even a full-blown drought, complete with watering restrictions.

Bulbs have been coming up for the last month, with paperwhites already blooming, snowbells are probably next and I see that the daffodils are sprouting now, too.

We had some rain recently, thank goodness, but once that dries out it will be time to hit up some larger projects. We have to cypress trees in the back garden that need to be removed. One is small enough for me to do alone, but the other will probably require our tree trimming workers, just to be safe.


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