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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Blooms in the garden - March 20, 2008

Bewitched Roses
Originally uploaded by dewelch
Quite a bit is blooming in the garden, thanks to all the rain we had in January and February. March has been try, though, so I hope we get another good soaking before the heat of summer hits.

Here is a collection of photos from my Flickr account showing everything in bloom around here. The orange blossoms are from a neighbor's yard up the street, but the smell is everywhere.

Rosanne and I tore down the old trellis behind the office today, as it was starting to fall apart on its own. It is probably almost 20 years old, do it has certainly put in good service. Now we have to figure out what we want to put in its place.

One photo is off the Troy-Bilt Electric Cultivator I received for review from the company. We put it to work first thing yesterday and I am quite pleased. It is going to make some jobs around here a lot easier. Full video and blog reviews coming soon.

I hope March treated you well and April is even better. I know it is "mud time" in other parts of the country, so keep your Wellies by the back door so you can get out in the garden, even if it is a bit wet.

Spring is on the way!

More Photos:

Shurb rose Bankside roses Lantana Rose Gardenia Yellow Hibsicus Freesia Troy-Bilt Electric Cultivator Orange blossoms


Blogger Nancy J. Bond said...

Your blooms are all wonderful. March was rather unkind to us here in Nova Scotia, so I'm banking on a terrific April. :) Hope springs eternal.

7:20 PM  
Anonymous vegetable gardening said...

Such a great sight to see blossoming flowers in the garden! You probably had taken good care of your garden. It is the same feeling when you grow vegetables, too! Put some real hard effort and you'll be happy to see beautifully grown vegetables in your yard!:)

10:21 PM  

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