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Friday, March 21, 2008

Cherry Trees at Lake Balboa 2008

Cherry Blossoms at Lake BalboaWe finally made it back to Lake Balboa today, since the boy was off for Spring Break and neither Rosanne or I had any appointments scheduled. Unfortunately, the cherry trees were well beyond their peak bloom. I had simply waited too long to get back to the lake. I knew this was a possibility, but figured I would try to shoot some photos anyway, capturing whatever remained.

That said, if you click on the photo, you will find a gallery of 16 photos I was able to shoot, even if I did miss the height of the bloom.

As we walked around the lake I noticed that many trees were lost over the last year. I am guessing the same frosts that damaged my garden also hit them fairly hard. It appears that most of the damage occurred on the north slope above the lake itself. Perhaps these trees were simply more exposed and didn't get the benefit of the lakes moderating influence. I hope they decide to replant some more trees to keep the bloom going. This is one of the highlights of my Spring here in LA.

Link: Cherry Trees at Lake Balboa 2008 - Gallery


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome photo's Doug!!! -Freida

11:33 PM  

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