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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Roses for Shade

I think I need to look into some of these roses for my garden. I love roses, but over the 9 years we have lived here, the garden has gotten shadier, not brighter, due to the continued growth of the many trees on the property. We have "edited" out quite a few trees over the tears, but the garden is still waaaaaay over-planted. Even worse, the trees have become so large that I can no longer prune or remove them by myself. I have to bring in the tree crew and that is starting to cost real money. Still, I am going to have to bite the bullet as the willow tree in the back garden has expired and needs to be removed before it falls on something important.

Rosy Shade - Roses for Sun Challenged Gardens Roses for shade? Well, almost. While all roses enjoy a full day in the sun, many will grow just fine in partial shade. Heavy bloomers and rugged rugosas that thrive in full sun, will bloom a little less in partial...

(Via Gardening.)


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