Historical Garden Books – 112 in a series – Miller & Hunt Florists (1884)

Historical Garden Books - 112 in a series - Miller & Hunt Florists (1884)

Historical Garden Books - 112 in a series - Miller & Hunt Florists (1884)

Historical Garden Books - 112 in a series - Miller & Hunt Florists (1884)

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THE inexorable march of time brings around another year, and with it the opportunity of extending a few words of greeting to our numerous friends and acquaintances. Some of these we have had the pleasure of meeting in social intercourse, but the greater part of those with whom we have been in correspondence these past years, we have never met personally.

As distance debars many of us from a friendly interchange of thought and experience, we are glad of the opportunity of placing before you the remit of our study and observation the past season. The CatrJorne we present contains the best plants, new and old, gathered during the past years, the descriptions of which are drawn principally from our own obs-ervation of their peculiarities and merits.
Inferior sorts having been discarded, and of the new ones, only those retained possessing intrinsic merit, we feel confident the collection before you will bear favorable comparisdu with any in point of selection and completeness. It will be noticed the majority of the engravings are original, having been executed expressly for this catalogue, from photographs of plants we have under cultivation. This is an expensive method of conveying an idea of their natural beauty, bot far more truthful than the exaggerations seen in colort d plates, the formation and coloring of which is too often artificial and imaginary.

Our Catalogue will doubtless fall into tlie hands of many this season for the first time, and we bespeak for it a careful examination and comparison. We do not come before you with a bugle blast proclaiming our superiority over all others; excessive self praise is repugnant to the intelligent mind, and we prefer to be judged by the character of the work we place before you. We could give hundreds of testimonials from patrons all over the land, but among those we are already acquainted with no recommendation is necessary. Our goods speak for themselves, making for us fast friends in every town, village and hamlet to which they have been sent, each returning spring bringing those friends back to us in increasing numbers, for the beautiful plants all love so well.

We are well aware this business, like most others, numbers among its followers unscrupulous dealers whose method of conducting business cannot fail to bring discredit upon all concerned. They are lavish in promises they never fulfill, and rely mainly upon relays of new customers each year to build up their trade anew. This is nf)t our idea of doing business. We desire our friends to return to us, and for them to do this they must be satisfied. Our business is our livelihood, and it is our interest to treat our friends in such a manner tliey will not only return themselves, but bring with them also, their neighbors and acquaintances

Publication date 1884
Topics Nurseries (Horticulture) Seeds Illinois Chicago CatalogsFlowers CatalogsPlants, Ornamental Catalogs
Publisher Chicago : Miller & Hunt. ;
Collection usda-nurseryandseedcatalogusdanationalagriculturallibraryfedlinkamericanabiodiversity
Digitizing sponsor U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library
Contributor U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library
Language English
Volume 1884

The History of Landscape Design in 100 Gardens

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