Calla Lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica)

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A lovely flower caught during my travels this week. This is one of the great advantages to carrying a camera, even an smartphone, everywhere you go.

Calla lily are always so striking with their perfect white forms, and bright yellow stamens,  over their dark green foliage.

Calla Lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica)

Zantedeschia aethiopica (common names calla lily, arum lily; a.k.a. varkoor, an Afrikaans name meaning ‘pig’s ear’) is a species in the family Araceae, native to southern Africa in Lesotho, South Africa, and Swaziland.[1]

It is a rhizomatous herbaceous perennial plant, evergreen where rainfall and temperatures are adequate, deciduous where there is a dry season. Its preferred habitat is in streams and ponds or on the banks. It grows to 0.6–1 m (2–3 ft) tall, with large clumps of broad, arrow shaped dark green leaves up to 45 cm (18 in) long. The Inflorescences are large, produced in spring, summer and autumn, with a pure white spathe up to 25 cm (10 in) and a yellow spadix up to 90 mm (3½ in) long.[2] —

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