I had to go to the local home store today to pick up a new garbage disposal and, of course, a quick trip through the garden section had me bringing home a couple of new plants. First was 2 lavender plants to replace some that had died back in our original planting a few years ago. Then my wife had said she wanted some Italian Flat Leaf Parsley for the recently retrofit “food” bed, so I picked up one of those, too.

New Lavender

My new rule is that new plants get put in the garden the same day they are purchased, so the moment I got home I grabbed my shovel and placed them. This was easier as I already knew where we wanted them and also allowed me to use the new hose I had picked up for working in the food bed.

New flat leaf parsley

In planting out the lavender, I came across some of the daffodil bulbs I planted earlier. They are showing some very healthy growth and I re-seated them below and around the lavender. Good to see that they will bring a healthy crop of flowers in the next few weeks.

I then took a few minutes with my new chainsaw pole pruner and took off a couple of small, dead limbs that I had been meaning to deal with for a long time. Overall a pretty productive 30 minutes in the garden on this 80 degree+ day here in Los Angeles. I know some of you might be jealous but I would much rather it be in the 50s or 60s at this time of year.


3 thoughts on “Photos: Lavender and Parsley”

  1. OK, the “new rule” thing made me laugh. I have a couple of plants bought a couple of weeks ago, waiting for inspiration.

    My current rule is that I can’t buy anything new until I plant the ones I already have.

    1. Sounds like a great rule, too! I have had things languishing for weeks in pots and it really does no one any good. Took me a long time to get my bag ‘ daffodils in the ground, but I got it done! (LAUGH)

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