Lots of great ideas here for reading online, from  your library or buying. I am adding a lot of these books to my To Read list at GoodReads.com, too.

100books nature

100 books about the world around us: Nature, science, math, and applied crafts.

Sometimes a book is the best way to visit a place, idea, or possibility. Max wants to know how everything- from the hen to a house to a volcano- works. So the world is our oyster. I used an asterisk to indicate the books which can be found for free online. Because so many great and marvel-inducing things can be found for free online.

  1. A Child’s Story of the Animal World by Edward G. Huey
  2. A Practical Guide for the Amateur Naturalist by Gerald Durrell
  3. A Weaver’s Garden: Growing Plants for Natural Dyes and Fibers by Rita Buchanan

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