The grape tomatoes from the volunteer plant are still coming on. Can’t wait to see that first tinge of red.

Grape tomatoes coming along


The weather prediction is for cool weather coming and maybe even rain on Wednesday. That reminds me I need to go get some seed packets so I can plant some areas to fill in the bare spots. I have been waiting for the rain, as trying to keep seeds moist in the ground is nearly impossible during the hotter days here in LA.

I am also planning more lavender plants in the borders. The few I have planted have done well, so I think it is time to expand the plan.

Google Hangout?

Finally, would you have an interest in a gardening “hangout” on Google+ some evening. I have been using it for some other chats and find that it works pretty well for up to 10 people. Share your feelings here on the blog via comments or on our Facebook Wall. For those who are interested, you can follow me on Google+ from my G+ Profile.