Maple Dumplings via Baked Bree [Food]

I LOVE maple syrup and come from an area very near Canada that had it’s own sugaring community too. These sound heavenly, even to just have once in a blue moon. — Douglas

These Maple Dumplings, or Grandpères, are a Canadian treat that reign supreme in sugar shacks at the start of maple season. It’s a simple, yet elegant, dessert best served warm with ice cream and toasted pecans.

Maple Dumplings via Baked Bree [Food]

When we lived in Canada, we loved going to the sugar shacks in the early spring. You watch sap boil and turn into maple syrup. Then, you eat delicious maple-flavored treats. Like the best pancakes and sausage breakfast imaginable and maple candy.

But one of my absolute favorites, and seriously underrated, desserts was maple dumplings. In Canada, they are known as Grandpères.

I saw this recipe in New England Today and knew I had to share.

Read Maple Dumplings via Baked Bree

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