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On Thia Day On My Word...

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2018 - Monza, Italy Street Scene with Arengario in the background via Instagram

The Power of Time-Lapse via Andyax on YouTube

September 24th, 2019

I love time-lapse videos and often create them myself, but never to the length or hard work required to created the videos detailed here. I like time-lapse because I think it can help us see the unseen in the world around us. As one example of this, we don’t really notice the movement of the sun across our home or garden as it happens much too slowly to really capture our attention. Speed up time though, through a time-lapse and we can clearly see how and where the sun is traveling about our environment. Analyzing the movement of people in a space is another great use for time-lapse. You can see patterns that might not otherwise be obvious at normal speed.

Most phones have the ability to easily create time-lapse videos. Try it out for yourself. What is happening around you that might benefit from a little “seeing differently.”

Once you’ve made a few time-lapse videos, trying slowing things down with your camera’s slo-mo features and record an entirely different world. — Douglas

The Power of Time-Lapse via Andyax on YouTube

Time-lapse has become popular with the growth of digital cameras. This technique can be very time-consuming, so why do some people dedicate their career to shooting time-lapses? And can this technique help you to tell stories in filmmaking? Let’s see in this video!

In this video we talk with Morten Rustad, a professional time-lapse photographer which spent a year in South America to capture the incredible landscapes there. We talk about his fascination for time-lapse, 8K resolutions and motion controlled gear. 

Read The Power of Time-Lapse via Andyax on YouTube

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