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2012 Gift Guide: Fields of Plenty: A farmer’s journey in search of real food and the people who grow it

Fields of Plenty: A farmer’s journey in search of real food and the people who grow it MIchael Ableman leaves his own farm in Canada in order to visit other organic farmers throughout the United States. He is on a search for “real food” among all the industrial agriculture that farming has become. The people […]

2012 Gift Guide: Flower Confidential by Amy Stewart

Flower Confidential by Amy Stewart How much thought do you give to those flowers you pass in the grocery store aisle? Do you know where your Valentine’s Day roses came from or how they got to you? For most of us, we don’t know, nor rather care, but thankfully author, Amy Stewart does. In Flower […]

Event and Photos: Altadena Community Garden and Farmers Market

We stopped by the Altadena Farmer’s Market today and ran across the adjacent Altadena Community Garden. We got a short tour of these amazing gardens and also found that this weekend they will be having their 38th annual Altadena Community Garden Picnic & Resource Fair. “June 30, 2012 marks the 38th annual Altadena Community Garden Picnic […]

Striking Photo of Lavender Fields and Farmhouse

I came across this photo on Pinterest.com and was struck by the amazing colors. Source: tumblr.com via Douglas on Pinterest     Read more on this topic: Photo: Sicily Chestnuts at a history-laden farmhouse and orchard Elsewhere: Teapot Garden Fountain/Waterfall Photos: Lavender and Parsley Photo: Cyclamen in pot by front steps I Like This – […]

I Like This – Wine Crate Gardening

This ended up being a very, very popular “pin” on Pinterest.com. You can find my “pins” on my personal Pinterest Page. The link will take you to the original source of the photos and ideas at the Fennel and Fern blog from the UK. This idea has made me start looking at every cool container […]

Photo: Sicily Chestnuts at a history-laden farmhouse and orchard

Yesterday we spent most of the day on the south slope of Mount Etna (Mongibello in Italian and Muncibeddu in Sicilian) at the 100+ year old farmhouse of a family member. It isn’t inhabited full time anymore, but remains a vacation house for a variety of family members that own part of the property. Over the last […]

Video: Bob Jones, Sr talks about seed germination testing at Chef’s Garden, Inc. #saturday6

While the Saturday6 was touring Chef’s Garden, Inc., Bob Jones, Sr. met us in the lab. This high-tech space is fit into a retired shipping container, but has some very high-tech stuff inside. One topic he spoke on was the germination testing they do on their seeds. Chef’s Garden is a business, after all, and […]

Is there a #GardenCamp in your future?

If you follow any of my other blogs or projects, you know that I love the idea of an unconference. An unconference is attendee organized and everyone is highly encouraged to present something during the day. The schedule is created the morning of the event and then everyone dives in. There is so much great, […]

Video: Chef’s Garden “Unboxing” – chef-quality produce from Ohio

Join me as I open a box of ultra-fresh produce delivered straight from Chef’s Garden, Inc. in Huron, Ohio. I had the pleasure of visiting their company as part of Troy-Bilt’s Saturday6 and they were kind enough to send me a “Family Box” of veg to try. Come see everything that was included. Click the […]

Photo: Microgreens – You can try this yourself

One of the big (?) products at Chef’s Garden, Inc. is microgreens. While you might typically think of bean sprouts and other sprouted seeds, microgreens cover much wider ground. They include items like micro-arugala and various types of basil, pea sprouts, mints, and even sweet corn shoots. They also sprout some seeds in the dark […]