The first thing I thought when looking at this picture was the old phrase, “Lead you down the garden path.” Whether for good or ill, this garden path is sure to distract anyone from their cares or worries for more than a moment. The lovely combination of blue, white and pink (probably hand colored) provides a soft contrast to the otherwise rustic dirt path to the gate beyond. It certainly is an inviting view and one that I am sure led people both in and out on any occasions.

I was also struck by how clearly this photo represents the season. The included information says it was taken in Bar Harbor, Maine and it is obvious, by the grow and the shadows that it must be high Summer and quite close to Noon at that. The sun beats down on the garden and the shadows are quite short. You can almost feel the heat and humidity and hear the bugs flitting about the garden. Are the cicadas calling from those nearby trees? Quite possibly. (SMILE)

Farm House, The [slide]

The Farm House

Creator: McCormick, Mildred Day

Landscape Architect: Smith, Ann Leighton
                    Farrand, Beatrix Jones 1872-1959

Type: Projected media

Date: 1930

Topic: Summer
     Garden borders

Local number: ME048001

Physical description: 1 slide: glass lantern, col.; 3 x 5 in

Notes: Mildred McCormick was Sargent Collier’s great aunt. Elizabeth Collier is Sargent Collier’s wife. No 35 mm slide

Place: Maine
     Bar Harbor

Persistent URL: ce=~!siarchives&uri=full=3100001~!181995~!0#focus

Repository:Archives of American Gardens

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