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June 2013

In the garden…June 28, 2013: Installing an electronic timer for my soaker hoses

Update: June 28, 2014: Unfortunately, none of the 3 timers I installed lasted more than a couple of months. They all exhibited problems opening and closing the water valve. By the clicking noise they all made, I am guessing the gears for the valves failed after a while. Badly disappointed and I have returned to using the […]

Garden Alphabet: Rudbeckia

Garden Alphabet: Rudbeckia I always love the exhurbence of Rudbeckia or “black-eyed susan” as they are commonly called. They seem to explode with joy and color and always turn their faces to the sun. This makes them really easy to photograph in most cases, as they seem to glow in the sunlight. Their dark centers […]

Interesting Plant: Climbing Hydrangea (Hydrangea anomala petiolaris)

Interesting Plant: Climbing Hydrangea (Hydrangea anomala petiolaris) I just did a short video on hydrangeas a few weeks ago, so I was quite surprised when I saw this climbing variety. While regular hydrangeas don’t thrill me all that much, I have become interested in climbers of all types recently including roses, clematis and other vines. I […]

Garden Decor: Shovel Head Daisy

Shovel Head Daisy No, this isn’t a new hybrid for your garden…well, maybe sort of. Rather this piece of garden decor is made from discarded shovel heads. Not sure who would have this many shovels around. Maybe they might be picked up at a local farm auction or the liquidation of a construction company. That […]

Garden Vocabulary: Sepal

To paraphrase Old Possums Book of Practical Cats, “The naming of plant (parts) is a difficult matter. In this edition of Garden Vocabulary, we focus on the part of plant that most people ignore, even though is can be a large part of the decorative aspect of a flower. It can take quite a bit […]

In the neighborhood…June 22, 2013: Daylily (Hemerocallis)

In the neighborhood is a collection of video and photographs gathered here in my own Southern California neighborhood. What’s happening in your neighborhood. Share some of your photos with AGN readers and myself in the comments. In the neighborhood…June 22, 2013: Daylily (Hemerocallis) As you can see from these pictures, daylily, in all their varieties […]

Video: In the garden…June 22, 2013 – Some life in the new shade bed, leaf cleanup and more!

The newly planted shade bed is finally showing signs of life, our new aucuba succumb to a fungus and we begin a big, long delayed leaf cleanup project. Watch all past episodes of “In the garden…” in this YouTube Playlist Please Like this video and/or subscribe to my channel on YouTube. Your likes and subscriptions […]

Video: Container Garden Update 32: Time to move again and also — roots!

The sun has moved and so, again, must the containers. With the sun higher in the sky, I move the containers back to the south side of the driveway for better sun exposure and checking on the potting bench, we are finally seeing roots on some of our cuttings. Can’t see the video above? Watch “Container […]

Garden Alphabet: Banana

Garden Alphabet: Banana I only wish I were able to grow bananas like this, but this pictures was taken in the backyard of a house my friend was renting in Manoa Valley, Oahu, Hawaii. I only wish the bananas had been ripe. I’ve never had fresh banana off the tree. It would have been quite […]

1st Anniversary for Container Garden Update

One year ago I started my Container Garden Update video series. You can see where it all began (and all the videos in the series) in the playlist below. Watch all videos in the “Container Garden Update” playlist on YouTube Read more on this topic: Video: Container Vegetable Update 006 – What’s growing in our […]