Job Listings from Tuesdays with Transitioners – December 8, 2013

Jobs offered

 CareerCampSCV (Santa Clarita Valley) 2013 - 88 

Job Openings from Tuesdays with Transitioners Jennifer Oliver O’Connell, organizer of Tuesdays with Transitioners posted these job listings recently. Join Tuesdays with Transitioners Meetup group to receive these job listings directly via and email. 

  • CFO Real Estate Development/Construction (Redlands)
  • Product Manager, Outlook Amusements (Burbank, CA)
  • Account Executive, IOU Central Business Lending
  • Assistant to Talent Managers
  • Part-time CPA
  • Fulfillment Assistant, Joni & Friends (Calabasas)

Link to Tuesdays with Transitioners for details on all these positions and past listings

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