From Fired to Hired Seminar with Mitch Krayton

Good friend, Mitch Krayton is hosting a series of seminars, starting with “From Fired to Hired”. Here is some basic info and a PDF flyer.

From Fired to Hired: The New CEO’s Guide to “You, Inc.”

October 15, 2008
Fee: $49
Call 661-297-9150 or email to register

Lost your job? You have decisions to make. You can get angry or depressed or take control of your future. Life goes on. Stakeholders count on you. You have abilities that others need. Here is your reality. You are not out of work, you are still in charge of You, Inc. As its Chief Executive Officer, you have one mission: to get You back to productive work quickly. This course is your guide to getting that done. In just a few hours you will be on a path to renewed success. This course will kick-start you toward new career opportunities.

You should attend if…

  • You recently lost your job
  • Your job loss is eminent
  • Your company was acquired
  • Your company is shrinking
  • Your industry is failing
  • You want to relocate
  • Your career is stalled

More information in the complete PDF Flyer!

View the PDF Flyer for complete information and register now!

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