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More succulents, Sherman Oaks, California via Instagram

What are your favorite cacti and succulents? Leave a comment and tell us which! More succulents, Sherman Oaks, California One of the local gardens on the Sherman Oaks NC garden tour 2018. 10 homeowners open their gardens and offer advice and information on water wise gardens for the San Fernando Valley.   and Follow Don’t miss a […]

Lily — via My Instagram

Lily  and Follow Don’t miss a single post! Sign up for the Gardener’s Notebook Mailing List Learn More About Lilies With These Books ††† * A portion of each sale from Amazon.com directly supports our blogs ** Many of these books may be available from your local library. Check it out! † Available from the […]

On YouTube: Gardeners’ World 2017 – Episode 1 (HD)

I make time to watch Gardeners’ Word from the BBC any time I get the chance. They just started their 50th Season this week. One great segment they’ve added for this season is an interview with a major influence in gardening each episode. Garderners’ World is my brief respite from the “real world” each week. […]

On YouTube: Winter Interests in the Landscape

Watch YouTube: Winter Interests in the Landscape I liked this video and think you might find it interesting, too! Read more on this topic: Garden Videos from Douglas’ YouTube Channel Video: In the garden…November 28, 2013: Desert Landscape, Coachella Valley Winter Rose, Palm Springs, CA [Photo] Brighten your fall and winter with these Camellia products […]

In The Garden…April 21, 2016: Seedings go into their pots – Spinach, Greens and Basil [Video]

In The Garden…April 16, 2016: Seedings go into their pots – Spinach, Greens and Lettuce In this episode: Spinach, greens, and basil seedlings are pricked out and moved into bigger pots Garden and flower photography products available from http://DouglasEWelch.com/buy   Music: “Hustle” by Kevin MacLeod (http://incompetech.com) Buy my garden photography on a variety of products directly from […]

Video: In the neighborhood. Coreopsis at sunset

A lovely coreopsis seen along a walk yesterday evening. Read more about it in this essay, “The Importance of stopping – End of the Day for May 9, 2014” Coreopsis at Sunset Check out my collection of gardening essays, “From A Gardener’s Notebook” now available as a Kindle eBook. (You don’t need a Kindle to read […]

Video: In the garden from Viddy iPhone app

Playing around with a new video sharing app on my iPhone today — Viddy. Read more on this topic: Video: Watering seedlings made easy Video: Repairing a damaged soaker hose Palm Trees using Toonpaint for iPhone Video: Activity of local wild bee hive