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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Concrete Bag Retaining Walls from Dirt du Jour

I came across this great idea in the Dirt du Jour gardening blog and newsletter. This reminds me of a similar idea for creating resilient paths in your garden by combining decomposed granite (DG) and concrete powder and then wetting it in place.

Hold them hills

Great idea in a backyard vegetable garden I visited in San Clemente. These concrete “stones” are easy to make and work beautifully at terracing a slope.

Here is how the gardener did it: She stacked bags of dry concrete in a row, then wet down the bags for a week or until the concrete hardened. Once hard, she tore off the paper wrapping.
Then she stacked another row on top of the first, wetting the second row of concrete bags, waited for the concrete to harden and then removed the paper - and so on until she had her vegetables beds at a height that worked for her.

Easy. Cheap. Not bad looking, and entirely doable.

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