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Saturday, June 28, 2008

A few garden tasks

Trellis 2
Originally uploaded by dewelch
Back on March 30, I did a video on tearing down an existing trellis which was already falling down on its own (Tearing down the trellis. In the meantime, the vines have just been hanging on to the remaing upright posts from that trellis.

Finally, today, I took two older metal trellis and moved them into their new position. They really weren;t being used where they were, so this is a much better use for them.

There were originally 3 vines on this trellis, but I decided to remove one of them to make it easier to manage and also get them away from the side of the house. The clytostoma vines like to run and this will mean a little less pruning down the road.

Rosanne also started to remove a small pine tree last week, but we need borrow a bow saw to cut down the final trunk, This is another one of our "edits" to keep the garden from getting overgrown. It was poorly planted and finally got to a size where it was taking up too much space.

I noticed our first tomato was starting to show some color today. It is only one, grape tomato, but it is a good sign. The Legend tomoto is doing well, too, and seems to be visibly growing every day.

More chipping and shredding this week, I think. We have enough pruning and leaves to make a good amount of mulch.

Trellis 1 Removing a pine tree


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