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Friday, May 30, 2008

What's that on the roof?

As I sat at my computer, it sounded like a couple was dancing right over my head. I was too heavy and moving too quickly to be our usual opossums, and we have recently evicted most of the rats in the yard, so it could only be one thing....raccoons!!!

While I had heard of people reporting raccoons in the neighborhood, I hadn't seen one until last Christmas when I was out on a nighttime walk. These 2 were pretty large, a good 2 feet long from head to the base of the tail. I pulled out a flashlight and soon found 4 yellow eyes staring back at me. They lounged around on the roof for a while and then finally shimmied down the podacarpus tree that edges the tall part of the roof.

It is amazing how much noise they made on the roof top and how easy to tell it wasn't some of our other typical garden animals.

I couldn't get any pictures, but now I will be on the lookout for them and try to grab some if they return.


Blogger Sylvana said...

We had a raccoon family living in our storm sewer one year (We also had a family of ducks living in that same drain another year, weird) I've never seen them save for that time though. Be forewarned, they can be very aggressive. Raccoons, not ducks -- well ducks not as much ;)

12:56 PM  

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