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Friday, June 15, 2007

A Reader Letter: Rooting Willows

Laura D writes...

I hope it is okay to ask you a question. I have been searching the internet to research this and came upon your site. There is a large uprooted weeping willow tree that has many many sucklings sprouted on the trunk. If I take these sucklings and put them in water to root, then plant, will it eventually develop into a tree? Please advise.

Thanks, Laura D...

Oh yes!

It is my experience that trying to NOT root willow is more of a problem. (SMILE) In fact, a homemade rooting compound is usually made by soaking willow stems.

I would guess if you place the willow stems in a bucket of water, you would have roots very quickly. Then you could plant these small trees out as you wish.


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Blogger jimboo said...

Can you also root sucklings from a box elder.I have one that has been drought damaged.

5:21 PM  

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