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Friday, June 01, 2007

My Friends: The Backyard Biodiversity Project - Day 1

My friend, Keri Dearborn, over at Animalbytes has started her own, personal, backyard bio-diversity project. She often writes about the wildlife in her garden, but now she is taking a systematic approach to documenting the life in her own little piece of the planet. I am reading everyday! (SMILE)

The Backyard Biodiversity Project - Day 1

...Today I started documenting the plant and animal species here on one small piece of the planet.

Field Notes:

This morning Zone 17, the driveway . I thought the first species would be a plant, but right now a fox squirrel is looking at me beligerently from the zone. She is the first living thing recorded on this first day an alien species, aggressive and thriving. Above me a mourning dove watches from the phone line, calm, native and wondering what I'm doing on the driveway on my hands and knees looking at snail shells and spider webs. It's a good start.

(Via AnimalBytes.)

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