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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Garden wall saga completed

Well, this week brought the new back wall to completion. The crew took 2 days and seemed to move at a blistering pace, completing 5 feet on the first day and another 5 feet the next. It is amazing to see how quickly professionals can do something.

Here are 2 pictures of the wall 1/2 completed and the final look.

The wall is a bit taller than we would have liked, although it looks about 1 foot shorter from our side, as the finished grade on their side was about 2 feet lower than our property. One complaint -- they didn't backfill the wall on our side, so now we have a 6 inch trench that will have to be filled with something.

At least the new wall blocks out the lights from the car lot. It has been blazingly bright in my back office since the old wall came down. They had to trim some tree limbs to make space for the new wall, but it doesn't appear they did anything too drastic. I was asked to remove a few more vines, as they would encroach on the wall. I did as they asked, but now I noticed that it wasn't really necessary as the vines would have cleared the wall anyway. Grrr. Getting the vines to climb this new wall is project #1 now. I need to clear out the vines I cut and find the most vigorous ones to re-attach to the wall. I will probably head to the nursery to find some replacement vines, as well.

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