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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Eat Your Lawn?!?

As someone who has no lawn on my entire property, I can relate to this story about homeowners who have pulled up the lawn and put the space to more productive use. I wish I had more sunlight on my lot so I could grow more food crops. My wife, of Sicilian heritage, is always begging me to put in tomatoes or an herb garden. I only wish I could, but it would require removing several large, mature tree and they do so much to keep the house cool in the summer. I am sure we save untold dollars on electricity as we don't have to run the air conditioning nearly as much as we might without the trees. Still, I can dream, can't I? (SMILE)


Who knew lawns would go from epitomizing the American dream to embodying all manner of evil? Blaming both human and natural failings, many homeowners have embraced the idea of lawn-eradication. Last week, it was the lawn-pavers; this week, it's the lawn-eaters. (continued)

(Via Inhabitat.)


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