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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

AGN Holiday Gift Guide #26 - Two Wheel - 8 CUFT Polyethelyne Wheelbarrow

One problem with my rear garden is that there is no way to get equipment or material in there easily. Everything has to pass through one of the narrow allys or through the garage. This can make moving compost, topsoil and gravel a real pain. Hence, today's gift guide choice. A good wheelbarrow is a must when doing any major work in our garden. I like this 2-wheel design especailly as I was never very good at balancing the one-wheel variety. I remember dumping quite a few loads when I was young and helping my Grandma Welch in her large vegetable garden..There was a load of potato sprouts once....oh, well. (SMILE)

Link: #26 Two Wheel - 8 CUFT Polyethelyne Wheelbarrow

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