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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Rose coming back/Lavender moving in

After we got some of our irrigation issues resolved, at least temporarily, the Bewitched roses in the front garden are showing signs of life again. I hadn't realized how little water they were getting. I am now seeing new leaf growth and several of them have burst into bloom. It is good to see things come back after they struggled so much.

I think I am seeing a de facto migration of the front garden from azaleas to lavendar. Rosanne has been in the mood for lavender since we visited the Lavender Fields last year. There are currently 4 plants in the ground and we see lots of opportunities to add even more.

The juniper bushes that were interplanted with the azaleas have died out over the years, leaving holes in the once geometric design. In the hardest hit beds, we are slowly removing/tranplanting the azaleas elsewhere and converting them to geometric lavender beds.

I like lavender, too, so I am in total agreement on the change. It offers a plan that I had not been able to develop on my own. Funny how you sort of fall into things in your garden sometimes.


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