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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Starbucks for compost

I finally took the time to pick up a bag of Starbucks Coffee grounds the other day, as I was leaving our local store. A bit of reading said that the grounds are considered “green stuff” when it comes to composting. Since I am sorely lacking in “green stuff” and have a abundance of “brown”, like leaves and such, I am going to start adding a bag of Starbucks on a regular basis. We already dump all our coffee grounds (which is significant) into the compost, but I figure this might help to give it a little kick.

Our compost bin is a wooden packing crate that enclosed a clawfoot tub we purchased years ago. It is just now becoming really useful as a compost bin. The bottom slats finally rotted away from the sides, so now I can raise the side slats above the ground and allow the finished compost to simply ooze out of the sides. I used to have to pull back the top layer and dig out the compost whenever I wanted some, in the past, but this change makes it much easier to use.


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