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Friday, July 25, 2003

Hedging my bets

I finished the trimming of all the geometric beds in the front garden this morning, taking advantage of the cooler temperatures provided by the marine layer.

As I was working on this project I finally developed a plan to insure that this is the last time I need to do it. The beds are overcrowded and many of the junipers are simply being swamped by the azaleas. I am already planning on removing 2 of the smaller beds and starting a collection of more cottage-type planting. The area could use a bit more color as the azaleas only bloom once a year. I think this would really help to cut down on maintenance and, for the first time, I could institute some better irrigation systems

I am a big fan of soaker and drip systems, but this area has defied their use by the shear size. Currently, the area is watered using retrofitted lawn sprinkler on high risers to reach above the plantings. The downside to this, besides the obvious evaporation issues, is that it also waters all the paths. This leads to the only major weed problem I have in the entire garden. It would be a pleasure to solve it.

I will keep you informed of the changes I hope to make here. Wish me luck!


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