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Friday, July 25, 2003


It seems I not the only one with troublesome willows. Over at Cold Climate Gardening is the description of how a recent storm put the end to a grand old willow and almost took out another tree with it.

I still have one weeping willow in the back garden. Cleaning up the other day I noticed quite a bit of rot, right at ground level. Sprouting toadstool/mushrooms attracted my attention and it appears they may have been growing on one of the large roots at the base of the tree.

We recently had this willow trimmed and after a bit of "sunburn" the leaves returned in full force. The tree had been getting crowded out by surrounding tress, but these were removed in a recent rehab effort.

My willow doesn't sound anywhere near the size of the one that fell, but I would hate to lose it, as it effectively screens off a large portion of the back yard.

Via Cold Climate Gardening


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