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Tuesday, June 10, 2003


Sorry for the long pause between posts here. Life has been quite crazy around the AGN homestead and non-gardening items have stolen the focus for the moment.

One important thing I accomplished today, (at least for me) was finding a place to sharpen my hedge trimmers. My geometric beds of azalea and juniper in the front garden are looking mighty shaggy and could really use a trim. I should have the trimmers back by the end of the week and then it is time to get to work.

We have had enough rain this year that I have weeds sprouting up all over the place. Normally the dry conditions here in the San Fernando Valley keep them to a minimum, but I have thistles popping up everywhere. I think part of the problem, although a good thing overall, is that several property owners in the area have made a great effort to clean up their property recently. The weed seeds have been flying fast and furious, and we had some extreme winds a few weeks ago, so it appears that the weeds have found a place to their liking in my garden.

The problem shouldn't last much longer, as the temperatures have been rising steadily. We are immersed in a bit of "June Gloom" at the moment, though. This is a typical occurrence here in the Valley, where the marine layer of clouds never recedes during the day, as normal. Were I still living in Ohio, I would say it looks like rain, but all we get out of it are some cool temperatures (always welcome) and a bit of light drizzle. I am hoping the gloom will hold out for a few more days so I can use the cover to trim the front garden. That would be just about perfect.
Keep digging!


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