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Thursday, May 01, 2003

Before the rain...

Rain is approaching from the West as I type, destined to hit us tomorrow and Saturday. It is late in our season for rain, especially as much as they are predicting, but we will take all we can get. The summer is always hot and long, so let the plants drink while they may.

With the rain approaching, I took the opportunity to feed all my roses so that it can get a chance to break down into the soil. I use drip irrigation in the dry months, and really should be using some soluble form of fertilizer directly into the water, but lack of time and inclination has insured that it never got accomplished. As it is, I use the natural rain when I can, and a good soaking with the garden hose when I can't.

The Amaryllis are just finishing up for the season. They were much more dramatic this year since I thinned all the morea (Dietes) out of the bed. They were choking out everything else with their vigorous growth. The morea are slowly returning, as their rhizomes are quite tenacious, but now I will keep them more in control.

After this rain storm passes I will need to attack the front garden. The geometrically shaped beds of juniper and azalea are completely out of control. We have had plentiful rain this winter already, so the usually formal looking beds look like shaggy dogs. It usually takes me a few hours of trimming to bring back the clean lines and flat tops and I have often thought about replacing the beds. I prefer a much more casual look to my garden, but they are interesting and provide a nice look to front garden.

My new planting of coreopsis in the front, streetside bed has taken off very nicely. This is one of the "gold" elements in my purple and gold theme. The purple lantana has always been quite robust, but the gold elements have been harder to establish.

Spring has nearly gone here in California, even though it is only starting in other parts of the country. Our planting season is almost over until Fall and this will probably be the last significant rain we get until October. Enjoy your Spring and may your garden be the best ever...at least until next year!

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