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Saturday, January 11, 2003

A little bit...

Well, I got a little bit done in the garden today, but not nearly as much as I should have. Isn't that the case with all gardens, though?

First thing this morning, after a quick cup of coffee, of course, I go those 2 languishing lantana plants into the ground. With this addition I should start seeing a movement to my purple and gold theme along the street. I am alternating the colors (the purple variety is already well established and spreading) as well as the habit. The yellow lantana has a more vertical habit, where the purple variety is a low spreader. This should be nice contrast of structure and color, once the yellow ones become established.

The existing planting is doing exactly what I hoped on the nut grass suppression front. Nothing seems to kill this grass and it appears anywhere that there is water. The lantana is heavy enough that it chokes out the grass, eventually. This new planting should also allow me to remove the 2 varieties of dusty miller that I transplanted from the back yard years ago. It was put in as a stopgap originally, but it has taken me this long to get replacements in the ground.

I also hacked up our Christmas tree to use as mulch around the garden. It had been sitting outside for the last 2 weeks, but a few minutes with the pruners left me with a pile of boughs suitable for a decorative ground cover and a long straight trunk with my wife likes to use for edging the beds.

Of course, this time of year always drives me nuts, as most people in LA have no idea what to do with their Christmas tree once the holidays are over. Starting the day after Christmas you find trees littering front yards, alleyways and every conceivable public area in the city. If I had a chipper/shredder I would probably go around collecting the trees so I could mulch them, but no such luck.

The final job of the day involved fixing the latch on one of our garden gates. The high winds last week stressed the latch so much that the bar broke off. A quick trip the hardware store and a few minutes with the drill finished that project and got one more item off my to-do list.


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