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Homemade Potting soil and potting bench

Update: 20120426: I came across this link on making  your own seed compost today and thought is was a nice complement to this post. Enjoy! – DW How to Make Your Own Seed Compost from My Tiny Plot — Another project we accomplished the other day, using our own homemade compost, was some homemade, peat-free, […]

Interesting articles from Houzz.com – Grasses, ornamental trees and raised beds

 Recently from the Houzz.com newsletter… Build a Raised Bed to Elevate Your Garden A bounty of homegrown vegetables is easier than you think with a DIY raised garden bed to house just the right mix of soils     8 Ornamental Grasses for Coastal Gardens These hardy seashore plants evoke the ocean, sway in the […]

Compost harvest with photos

We took some time today to harvest some compost for a couple of purposes. One is to augment a, hoped for, vegetable bed that needs some improvement. The other project is to create some homemade potting soil for starting some seeds for said vegetable plot. I’ll have more to say about the potting soil in […]

Event: New Altadena farmers market starts May 30

Sounds like a great new Farmer’s Market is getting started in Altadena. My wife is a co-worker of one of the principals of  The Institute of Domestic Technology. We probably won’t be able to make until about the 3rd week of June unfortunately due to scheduling conflicts. New Altadena farmers market starts in May The Institute […]

Wine bottle garden bed edging finally done

After a rainy and busy few days, a garden project called me out into the yard. I had been meaning to finish the wine bottle garden bed edging we started a few months ago, but we needed to collect another large group of wine bottles first. Thank to the help of several friends, who brought […]

Amazing photo collection of Southern California gardens (and more) at turn of 20th Century

I came across mention of this new online collection from the Library of Congress via this Metafilter post — The Lantern Slides of Frances Benjamin Johnston. What immediately caught my  attention were all the shots of Southern California, including some areas I visit on a regular basis. It is amazing to see what was once […]

Project: Straw bale raised garden bed

I came across this straw bale project on Pinterest the other day and it made me think again about the possibilities of some raised beds here in my garden. I don’t need anything this large, but I am faced with large areas that are totally infiltrated by tree roots to the extent that little else […]

Photo: Toon Daffodils

Here is the previous Daffodil picture after it has been processed by the Toonpaint app on the iPhone. Straight B&W \ Spot Color Read more on this topic: Photo: First Daffodil 2012 Photos: Daffodils Arising Video: Planting daffodil bulbs Photo: Daffodils at Sunset Photos: Last Daffodils of 2012

Photo: Daffodils still holding on

Daffodils, originally uploaded by dewelch. The daffodils I planted this year (75 in all) seem to be a later blooming variety, and those in the shady parts of the garden area lasting much longer than those in full sun. These have been in bloom for nearly 2 weeks now and are still going strong. Read […]

Project: Homemade Potting soil project

I have been wanting to make my own potting soil for months now, but I have been slow to get off the mark. I have found may recipes online, but I needed to get to my local nursery to get some supplies. Today I picked up what you see below. On the left is coconut […]