What I'm Reading: The Garden Book of California (1906) - 5 in a series -

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“THE best hose, not a half-inch imitation, but a good rubber hose that will carry as large a stream as your water-pipe will yield, is one of the first “tools” to be secured for a California garden. As to “sprinklers” and “projectors,” two-thirds of them are useless, but in every hardware store may be found at least one honest clerk who can be prevailed upon to sell you a practical sort. A good, strong spade (not too large if a woman is to wield it) ; a sharp hoe—the old fashioned broad-bladed sort is the kind I would use; an iron rake with light wooden handle; if possible, a “potato-fork,” which will do for hand cultivation, instead of using the spade or the hoe; a trowel and a light wheelbarrow—these one must have to garden successfully, while many more modern tools that lighten labor may be added if the purse permits; pruning-shears, if you like, and a good, strong garden scissors and knife for cutting flowers.”

What I'm Reading: The Garden Book of California (1906) - 1 in a series

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The Garden Book of California
Belle Sumner Angler

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