Interesting Plant: Heuchera rubescens

Heuchera rubescens var rydbergiana 2.jpg
By Stan Shebs, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

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Alumroot. A perennial with small, grape-like leaves, only 3″ high, shade to part shade, garden conditions, good with small ferns in shady rock gardens. Heuchera rubescens is a tough plant. It’s hardy to about -10F. This Alumroot grows fine at lower elevations and grows best under typical garden conditions. It is not as drought tolerant as its lower elevation cousins.This alumroot does well with other rock garden subjects from higher elevations such as Heuchera hirsutissima, Heuchera merriami, and Zauschneria latifolia(Epilobium canum ssp. latifolium). (Botanists have bickered over this species and its subspecies for years. We have noticed big differences between some of the species and subspecies lumped together in the new Jepson. Here we list the ones on which we noticed differences. see Intermountain Flora 3a page 40 for an excellent review of the ‘problem’.) – Las Pilitas Nursery


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