On Thia Day On A Gardener's Notebook...

2019 - MaliArts designs city-chic beehives to save solitary bees via Inhabitat
2019 - Historical Seed Catalogs: Flowers for springtime by Miss Mary E. Martin (1900) – 41 in a series
2018 - 10 Easy Pieces: Seed-Saving Envelopes via Gardenista
2018 - Flowering Now: Shining Morning Rose via Instagram
Also from 2016 - In the garden…October 25, 2016: Planting Garlic from A Gardener’s Notebook [Video] (2:33)
2012 - Pinterest: More recycled doors as garden gates
2011 - Well ^%$&@(*&! What happened to the sun?

Garlic planting time via Instagram [Photo]

Garlic planting time #garlic #garden #nature #outdoors #plants #food #grow

Garlic planting time #garlic #garden #nature #outdoors #plants #food #grow


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