Euphorbia ‘Black Bird’

A lovely, dark, and somewhat brooding euphorbia for your garden.

Euphorbia blackbird

Discovered via Pinterest User Jade Meador

Compact bushy dark purple evergreen foliage even darker if in full sun. Upper bracts of Euphorbia Blackbird are bright yellow-green in spring in glorious contrast to the dark foliage. Makes a good container specimen.Features to Note: Deer Resistant Hot Dry Site Tolerant Evergreen Rabbit Resistant For A Sunny Spot New For 2015 — Bluestone Perennials

With velvety foliage that darkens to near black in full sun, ‘Black Bird’ euphorbia looks good in perennial borders and is especially striking in containers. Flowers open above bright, lime green bracts on red stems that form a compact vase shape. – Pat McKernan, Regional Picks: Midwest, Fine Gardening issue #120

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