Thanks to Monrovia for sponsoring this series of posts. The opinions stated here are my own.

As I was looking for my new plants at the nursery and in the Monrovia online catalog, I came across many plants that attracted my attention in some way. I’ll be highlighting a few of the other plants that might eventually find a place in my garden. Here are my next two selections in this series.

Christmas Carol Aloe (Aloe hybrid ‘Christmas Carol’ P.P.A.F.)

christmas-carol-aloe | Direct Link

Aloes have always been interesting to me, but more so over the last several years. As mentioned before, drought-tolerant plants are the future for most Southern California gardens, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have lots of variety and lots of beauty, too.

A petite Aloe with festive color! Dark green succulent leaves feature deep crimson raised spots and are trimmed in bright red. Vibrant pink to reddish-orange flowers add to the show. This drought tolerant plant is a great selection for use in rock gardens, as a small scale groundcover, or in containers. – Monrovia

Desert Rose Paddle Plant (Kalanchoe thyrsiflora ‘Desert Rose’)

kalanchoe | Direct Link

While we are looking at succulents, this lovely kalanchoe would be another great addition to the garden. This multicolored succulent would look great alone or in combination with others of a similar shade. This might be something for a collection of containers lining a walkway or driveway.

Noted for its distinctive round foliage, this succulent has chalky blue-green leaves tinged with red. Color intensifies in full sun. Clusters of yellow flowers on spikes appear on mature plants. Provides dramatic color and texture in rock gardens or xeriscapes. Easily grown in containers, indoors or out. — Monrovia

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