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As I was looking for my new plants at the nursery and in the Monrovia online catalog, I came across many plants that attracted my attention in some way. I’ll be highlighting a few of the other plants that might eventually find a place in my garden.

Belgian Hybrid Orange Bush Lily (Clivia miniata ‘Belgian Hybrid Orange’)

clivia | Direct Link

Clivia are a common landscaping plant here in Los Angeles, used especially around the shaded area of corporate courtyards and offices. I have always liked them, but their price — and my bad experiences trying to grow anything in the deep shade of my back, woodland, garden — have kept me from actually planting them. Eventually I suppose I will get over my fears and use some of these to green and brighten what can otherwise be a very brown back garden. I saw some excellent examples while browsing about the garden store and I may just have to go back and pick up a few to move some planting projects along.

Showy, broad, dark green, strap-like leaves are wider and shorter than other varieties. Rounded clusters of up to 60 vivid orange flowers on tall stems make this an absolutely gorgeous accent, border plant or container specimen. Evergreen. – Monrovia

Bronze Carpet Stonecrop (Sedum spurium ‘Bronze Carpet’)

stonecrop | Direct Link

I am immediately taken by the bronze color of this sedum — so unlike anything else I had seen before. I love succulents, but don’t grow nearly enough of them in my garden, even though here in drought-plagues Southern California it would probably be a great idea. This stonecrop will be something I keep in mind for future planting ideas, though.

Beautiful trailing succulent perennial forms lush, ground hugging mats of brilliant bronze red, yet needs little water once established. Stalks of dainty pink flowers occasionally arise above foliage. Useful in borders, rock gardens or containers where it will provide excellent contrast to green or grey-leaved plants. Semi-evergreen in mild-winter areas. — Monrovia

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