A Face in the Fence from Boyle Sculptures

I first saw this on the Tumblr blog, A Garden Getaway, but it didn’t link to the original creator of the work. After a few minutes with Google Image Search, though, I was able to turn up Boyle Sculptures, the source of this and other “garden faces”.

I love the use of this sculpture as an integral part of this stone wall. I was taken with it immediately and amazed that I hadn’t seen something like this before. I think this sculpture is the best of Boyle’s collection. It carries such personality and evokes the ancient tradition of The Green Man in the garden. There is such personality in this face. It almost seems a personification of the garden in human form.

 Garden Decor: A Face in the Fence from Boyle Sculptures

Discovered via Tumblr site A Garden Getaway

See more garden faces on the Jerry Boyle Sculptures site

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