For those of you in the UK, a new series of Gardener’s World, BBC’s venerable gardening series. While the online video is only viewable in the UK, US readers might find other ways of getting this content. I find that the climate of the UK is similar enough to the US and other areas that the show is useful, informative and entertaining. You can access other online blog and web content on their site.

As much as I like the show, I am also looking for additional, podcast or webcast gardening shows from the UK and other places in Europe. I love seeing how others get along in their gardeners, no matter where they might be. If you have have recommendations of on-going shows or online videos, please pass them along here in the comments so that everyone might benefit from your finds.

Gardenersworld 2012


2 thoughts on “UK: A new season of Gardener’s World begins”

  1. I just checked Amazon Prime to see if they streamed it, but no luck so far. Amazon is my usual go-to source for BBC content here in the U.S.

    If anyone else finds a way to view it here, it looks interesting!

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