Garden Tips from February 2012

Here are the Garden Tips and questions shared via the @gardenersnotebk Twitter account.

  • [Tip] Are you ready for Spring? Now is the time for tool repair and tool purchases. Be ready to go when the snow melts.
  • Free Garden Desktop Wallpapers for Feb 2012 – Cherry Blossoms
  • Free Garden Wallpaper for your smartphone – Cherry Blossoms
  • [Tip] Thinking about making my own potting soil with my own compost? You? What do you like for seedlings?
  • FIve garden-related Twitter Chats to check out
  • [Tip] Info on Rosemary Propogation from Fine Gardening –
  • [Tip] When pulling weeds/grass you have to get the roots. Otherwise it can spring right back up. Not easy, but necessary.
  • [Tip] Now is the time to spruce up your tools and other equipment. Spring is coming fast. Be ready for it!
  • [Tip] Could get get more cuttings and starts from your friends and neighbors and reduce your big-box-store shopping? Hmmm?
  • [?] How will you keep your garden weed free this year? Do you worry about weeding at all? Share your tips!

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