What are your favorite gardening catalogs? Send me a link…or a copy!


Everyone knows that the dark days of Winter is when gardeners turn to gardening and seed catalogs to fill their gardening fantasies.

How about sharing your favorite catalogs with the readers of A Gardener’s Notebook?

Leave a comment on this post with a link to your favorite catalog and where people might order their own copy. Web catalogs work well, too, so link them up, too.

I look forward to seeing the wealth of information, products and shear, unadulterated, garden fantasies you know. Send them along quick so everyone can get the benefit of them before Winter ends.


2 Responses to “What are your favorite gardening catalogs? Send me a link…or a copy!”

  1. Josh Cooper says:

    Here are some of my favorites:

    Baker Creek – http://rareseeds.com
    There print catalog is really a work of art that its not one you would throw out at the end of the season. I always like to plant some crazy stuff for the kids (wink wink).

    Southern Exposure – http://www.southernexposure.com/
    You can get there catalog as a PDF. Lots of good historical things for here in the south. Who doesn’t want to grow some old cotton just to say you did it.

    Willhite – http://www.willhiteseed.com/
    This is where it get the bulk of my stuff. Most of it is raised right here in Texas so the variates are great for my climate.