If you follow any of my other blogs or projects, you know that I love the idea of an unconference. An unconference is attendee organized and everyone is highly encouraged to present something during the day. The schedule is created the morning of the event and then everyone dives in. There is so much great, local, knowledge in most towns and cities and an unconference can help to bring out that information and share it with others.


So, let me float the idea here of a GardenCamp unconference here in the Los Angeles area!


I would love to get together with other gardeners and hear what they have to say about their favorite gardening topics. There are a lot of great organizations here that might be potential partners for the event — providing space, providing sponsorship funding and maybe even providing a few speakers and attendees for the day.

Are you interested in putting together a gardening unconference here in LA or in your own local area? Let me know in the comments to this post or via email at agn@welchwrite.com. If there is enough interest I will set up a dedicated mailing list that we can use to get the ball rolling. I would especially like to here from organizations, gardens and garden-related businesses here in LA that might be interested in hosting such an event.